The Rituals.

Discover your 8 Healthy Rituals for Sleep, not a strict regime but a flexible guideline.
Adjust to your wants and needs and let the Power of habit and our set of Sleep Tools
do the rest (pun intended).
Our mission is to facilitate you to be the best version of yourself day and night, while also educating you why those two are inherently connected.

  • The End.

    Your 8hrS start at the end of your Day.
    Create a calm atmosphere, diminish blue light intake, dim the lights and turn down the volume.

  • Tea Time.

    A cup of our Natural Sleep Tea Blends will help you wind down and induce Sleepiness.
    It will also arm you against dehydration during the Night.
    (limit yourself to one small cup - around 150ml- if you're prone to nightly toilet visits)

  • Evening Routine.

    Wash the Day off your face and brush your teeth.
    Do not forget to moisturize.

  • Dress the Part.

    Time to hop in your favourite PJs. Loose fits are always better.
    Or don't wear any at all, who are we to tell you what to wear.

  • Prepare for Tomorrow.

    Set your alarm, charge your phone, write down your last to-do's or thoughts.
    Then let go of tomorrow.

  • Wind-Down Activity.

    Time for meditation, journaling, some Nighttime yoga or reading.
    Don't hesitate to skip to step seven on extra exhausting days.

  • Set the Mood.

    The aromas in our Sleep Mist will trigger Melatonin production, letting your brain know it's time for some Rest.

  • The Start.

    You are ready to start your 8hrS.
    Reward yourself instantly by laying down your head on our Luxurious Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.
    Good night.

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The Tools.

Your Tools are two sided:
On the one hand these are some of Nature's most potent Relaxants, used for centuries by indigenous tribes to induce and stimulate restful Sleep.
On the other hand they function as enjoyable physical Nudges to your routine, letting your body know it's time to wind down as well as being instant rewards, making you look forward to the nighttime and committing to your Rituals in a sustainable way.

Dive deep into the Science and Vision behind our Rituals and Tools

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