• Premium fabrics.

    We only use 25 momme, 6A grade 100% Mulberry Silk, the highest quality and thickness on the market. Not only do our products feel better than other silks, they'll also last way longer.
    We only source and use the highest quality materials and ingredients.

  • Safe and Certified.

    Our Silks are OEKO-TEX 100 (tested for harmful substances) and Made in Green (manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities under safe and socially responsible working conditions) certified. Great for your skin, hair and the environment.

  • We make Sleep cool again.

    We provide you the Tools to be the best version of yourself, night ànd day, because those are inherently connected. 8hrS is a concept, not just a product line. It's your wake-up call for Sleep.
    Join the movement.

Elevate your Haircare, upgrade your Skincare. Experience the Real Beauty Sleep.

  • Best Silk Pillowcase on the market!

    By far the highest quality silk pillowcase you can find on the market. Way thicker and silkier than the other one's I used to own.
    It does wonders for bedhead and even more for my skin.

    Lieselore H. (NL) - 7 June 2023

  • High Quality Products and Service

    Beautiful Silks that do wonders for my hair and skin! Love the Contour Eyemask, only eyemask I can have a comfortable night's sleepwith where ever I am. They also immediately sent out a new package when the first one got lost, no questions asked. Even with a sorry card. Amazing customer service - will buy again!

    Els (NL) - 9 July 2023

  • Helped me take sleep serious again!

    The 8 healthy rituals framework has helped me set up a maintainable routine. The silk pillowcase makes me look forward to bed and the tea just makes me sleepy, ready to go under. It translates in waking up more refreshed and having better days - needed this!
    2023 is the year I take sleep serious thanks to 8hrs.

    Ashwa R. (NL) - 11 January 2023

  • A present that actually works.

    The giftbox really is an original AND useful holiday gift.

    You can also just feel the eye for detail in everything.

    I was a bit sceptical but I really feel I have less issues falling asleep thanks to the tea and spray as well!

    Jeroen V. (NL) - 6 January 2023

  • Better nights, better days.

    Such a cool concept!

    I love my pillow case, it's stunning and the zipper closure really helps to keep it in place.
    I've set a routine and have slept better than ever, I feel better 24hrs long.

    Farah D. (BE) - 29 December 2022

  • This is quality

    From the first cup to the last sip, I have enjoyed my 8hrS tea and it has helped me wind down at night.

    It's nothing like supermarket teas, which all too often is just some tea grit in a bag.

    This is quality

    Geert D. (BE) - 4 December 2022

  • No-nonsense: relaxing and enjoyable

    The tea is great, you can really tell that it's quality and it really relaxes me at night.

    My wife loves the lavender mist as well.

    Stefaan V (BE) - 23 November 2022

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  • From hotels and bedding stores to personal trainers, padel clubs and activewear brands.

8 Healthy Rituals for Sleep.

Habits or rituals are the most efficient way to hack our human brain into learning something new.
Jumping into bed straight after work, an intense work-out or a binge-watch marathon often just results in frustrating hours tossing around trying to shut your mind down.

That's why we provide simple yet extremely efficient steps for your sleep routine and to make you look forward to winding down and dozing off.

Sleep medication and clinics have a time and place and we don't claim to be able to solve insomnia, but we truly believe that healthy habits combined with the highest quality natural products go a long way for most of us.

Discover the 8 Healthy Rituals for Sleep Framework.

We're just chasing our Dreams and Empowering People in the process.