About 8hrS

"We believe in 8 Hours of Sleep."

The Dream.

We want to be your wake-up call for sleep. We want to make sleep cool, productive and essential again. If there ever was something that shouldn’t be compromised on, it’s a great night's rest. It is the foundation of your day and will impact how you feel and what you’re able to achieve. We know you know it to be true.
Sleep is not for the weak, it's for the strong, it's for the smart, it's for the achievers.
It's the fuel you need to keep your engine running, for today, tomorrow and always.

Our mission is to both educate and facilitate you to be the best version of yourself, day and night.
This is more than a brand, it's a movement.

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"Harvest the Power of Nature."

The Values.

Sustainability and the force of Nature are at the core of our operations, closely linked to our mission.
We look at natural remedies first, harvesting the inherent power of organic elements such as herbs, essential oils and natural fabrics like silk etc. 
Our commitment to Nature does not stop with our products. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable and we vet our suppliers, carriers and partners on their ability to see eye to eye with us on our passion for sustainability.

Sleep comes naturally and universally to all, making it an incredible natural force. We carry the same values.

Discover the Natural Mystery of Sleep

"Only changed Habits will change your Life."

The Method.

No expensive sleep clinics, sleeping pills or inaccurate tracking devices that give you more sleeping anxiety than anything else.
Many people can benefit from lower threshold tools. People are creatures of habit, so in order to sleep better, you need a better sleep routine. You craft your 8 hours of restful bliss in the 1 to 2 hours before you actually get in bed. That's why we created 8 healthy rituals for sleep (8hrS). The natural sleeping tools function as anchors for this easy and enjoyable trip to a great night of shuteye and will make you actually look forward to going to bed.

We want to make it simple, but significant.

Explore the 8 Healthy Rituals for Sleep

"Dreamers that want to turn those Dreams into reality."

The Founders.

As young professionals with big dreams, busy jobs and packed social lives we've all too often compromised on sleep. We’ve experienced first hand the effects of losing a few hours of sleep a week has on our work, our relations, our mindset and our mood. We’re baffled however that all around us sleep is being ignored and the ‘sleep is for the weak’-mindset is still so wide spread.
In our search for personal development we soon understood that this attitude is extremely counterproductive. Hence we set out to look for a low maintenance, enjoyable and all-natural evening routine to look forward to our nighttime and give it the respect it deserves. Now, we can proudly say it has changed our life and productivity for the better.
After having dreamt up 8hrS in Brussels and Amsterdam, we set the wheels in motion to share this with anyone who is willing to listen and , above all, raise awareness on the importance of sleep.

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