The Science and Vision behind our Rituals and Tools for Sleep.

The Science and Vision behind our Rituals and Tools for Sleep.

The Rituals explained.

Rigorous exercise routines, balanced diets, ice cold morning showers, daily meditation and reconnecting with nature... All widely accepted methods to be at the top of your game, rightfully so embraced by todays overachievers. And while the importance of physical and spiritual exercise, a healthy diet and a well structured schedule can hardly be overvalued, one aspect is still all to often slept on...

More than 95% of adults need a daily 7-9 hours of sleep to function optimally, having less than that will influence your body and mind even after just one night.
Getting a suboptimal night of sleep has an immediate impact on our brain functions, from lower levels of cognition and concentration to affected productivity and a worse physical performance. Additionally, it even impacts hormones that regulate our appetite, increasing the risk of weight gain and obesity. Studies have shown a direct impact on our immune system and on top of that we’re less sociable and get worse at detecting other people’s emotions. And that's just the tip of the sleep deprivation ice-berg.
-If you want to deep-dive in the effects of not getting enough shut-eye, head over to our this dedicated blog post.-

So you spend by far the most time doing it (1/3th of your life actually) and it has arguably the highest impact on your day, mood and productivity and still the universal basic need for sleep is being ignored and neglected. Why?
Long days and short nights are often glorified and deemed necessary for the 'hustle' and 'grind'.
At 8hrS it is our missions to counteract that, to make todays creators, shapers and hustlers aware that
to dream big, you need to sleep big.
Science is on our side when we say that 8hrS of sleep is for the strong, the productive and the smart.

But how do we harness that power?
Sleeping clinics, pills or (often inaccurate and uncomfortable) trackers? Although all of these have their time and place, at 8hrs we believe in a lower threshold solution that is flexible, enjoyable and hence maintainable for the long term.

Although many mysteries of sleep remain undiscovered by science, what has been demonstrated over and over again is that relying on the well documented power of habit to install a sleeping ritual into our lives will greatly benefit our overall health. Preparing your mind and body to calm down and dose off when you want it to will substantially improve the quality of your 8hrS of sleep and thus the following 16 hours of your day.
Preparation is key and our 8 healthy rituals for sleep help you to do just that.

It is our mission to facilitate you to be the best (well-rested) version of yourself and the way to do so is by installing and taking care of your sleeping habits.

The Tools explained.

So how do our Sleeping Tools fit into the equation?
There are two aspects to the Tools we offer to go along your routine.

First and foremost, we simply look at what is known to work and at hard, neurological science. The ingredients we use in our products are proven sleep enablers and relaxants straight out of Nature, many of which have been used for centuries by indigenous tribes and are still today of interest to medical research (but we stay clear from adding any chemicals).
Many of the Tools we offer are Mother Nature's most potent relaxants and sedatives, hand-picked to set you up for a great night of rest through the stimulation of alpha-brainwaves and the release of sleep-inducing substances with hard to pronounce names such as melatonin, adenosine, apigenin etc.
Simply put: the Tools will make you feel relaxed, sleepy and ready for a quality 8hrs.

The second power of your Tools is their function as enjoyable physical nudges to your routine. Through consistent nighttime use, your body and brain will come to recognise the tastes, scents and sensations of your Tools as cues to go into relaxation.
Briefly put, it will hack your brain into associating these rituals and products with sleep and as such releasing even more sleep inducing substances every time you use one of our products.

To insure your ultimate Zzz's, we only use the highest quality materials and ingredients available on the market.

Through our Rituals and Tools it is our mission to educate and facilitate you to achieve the best 8hrS possible and thus be the best version of yourself, day and night.

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