The Science behind your 'Beauty Sleep'

The Science behind your 'Beauty Sleep'

Getting your “beauty sleep” may feel like an old cliché, but there is actually quite some science backing it up. 

Ever wondered why you wake up all puffy eyed after a bad night?

It’s due to the fact that your cortisol levels didn’t drop enough during the night, changing the salt balance in your body and in turn leading you to retain water – hence, puffiness.

When we enter deep sleep, our stress hormone cortisol drops and our body enters recovery mode. This means it starts to produce growth hormones. These growth hormones create new cells that help heal our skin from any damage done during the day (pollution, UV etc.). Studies even showed that skin cells grow faster while we sleep. So, to take advantage of this period of skin renewal, it’s important to get your necessary hours of shut eye in! It truly is the perfect foundation.

Same goes for your hair: want to grow it out or just want a head of stronger and healthier hair? Sleep. Aside from impacting your hormones, it’s an essential ingredient for proper protein synthesis.

Pro tip: a silk pillowcase can supercharge all of these benefits. It will keep your skin care products and your skin’s natural moisture in place (cotton will just absorb everything), is hypoallergenic and glides better, hence preventing wrinkles and creasing. You’ll also experience less bad hair days as it will avoid tangles and breakage – especially for curlier hair.

Try and get at least 22momme thick silk that is OEKO-TEX certified.


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