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Sip & Sleep Tea - Fruity Blend

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  • Your perfect Nightcap
  • Designed for Sleep
  • Premium blend of eight natural relaxants
  • All-natural and non-processed
  • Naturally theïne free
  • Subtly sour and delicate Fruity flavor – great during spring and summer season
  • Contains Californian Poppy, Passion Flower, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Rosehip, Dried Orange, Hibiscus and Rooibos
  • High-quality ingredients sourced from where they naturally grow (local sourcing)
  • 50 gr. of loose leaf blend = approximately 30 servings
  • Comes with wooden measuring spoon
  • Dreamt up and blended in Brussels, Belgium

A potent premium tea blend specifically designed to set you up for a restful night of shut eye in an enjoyable and tasty way.

The base of our tea blends contains Californian Poppy, Passion Flower, Lavender, Lemon Balm and Rosehip. These herbs are some of Mother Nature’s bedtime favorites that will not only counteract mild anxiety, restlessness and overexcitement, but also relax muscles and induce Sleep.
For the Fruity blend, pieces of Dried Orange, Hibiscus and Rooibos have been added into mix to give it its delicately sour, fruity taste while adding even more relaxing power.
Perfect for spring and summer season and even tastes great when cooled down.

To learn more about how each ingredient specifically contributes to your most restful 8hrS, head over to our blogpost (coming soon).

Product Specs



Dried Orange | Hibiscus | Rooibos | Californian Poppy* | Passion Flower| Lavender | Lemon Balm | Rosehip 

100% Natural




50gr of blend | approx. 30 servings 

1 wooden measuring spoon




Signature 8hrS tea tube - biodegradable cardboard 


 *In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or (having undergone) surgery, consult with a healthcare specialist before daily use.

Suggestion for Use

Heat around 150ml water to around 80°C - avoid drinking larger cups if you're prone to nightly toilet visits.
Depending on preference, add one to two scoops of blend in an infuser and steep for at least 5-8 minutes (for once not 8hrS). 
Consume ideally 20-30 minutes before your head hits the pillow.
Sleep tight.


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